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What is CHMAddIn?

CHMAddIn is a plugin for Microsoft Word that allows you to convert Microsoft Word documents to HTML Help (CHM) files. It is designed for use by authors or developers who create Help for software programs.

Why CHMAddIn?

No doubt that Microsoft Word is the most popular and powerful text processor. Microsoft Word is the de-facto standard editor for creating technical documentation in many companies - it's fast, stable and user-friendly. Help documents created with Microsoft Word can be easily converted to another popular formats - PDF, Open Office format and so on. But what about HTML Help? There are a lot of programs that can create Microsoft HTML help files but very few ones that are able to generate HTML Help directly from Microsoft Word document. CHMAddIn does it and does it perfectly.


CHMAddIn comes in two editions: Light and Pro.

CHMAddIn Light is absolutely free of charge but has some features disabled. Here is the editions comparison chart:

CHMAddIn Edition CHMAddIn Light CHMAddIn Pro
HTML Help Viewer window customization Restricted Yes
Source code formatting Limited Enabled
Help index No Yes
Search tab No Yes
Custom skins No Yes
Price Free ?


  • Supports Microsoft Word 2007 and newer (32-bit versions only)
  • Provides fast word-to-htmlhelp conversion
  • Provides style-based formatting based on HTML/XHTML/CSS standards
  • Supports source code highlighting
  • Supports HTML Help Viewer window customization
  • Provides custom skin/themes support
  • Provides COM interface for command line conversion

Support & Feedback

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